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Mark Dean Schwab was executed on July 1, 2008 thirteen days after he was received into the Orthodox Church. He was quietly saying the Jesus Prayer when the Lethal Injection was administered. May his memory be Eternal.


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Many of these men, who are part of the Body of Christ, will never get a chance to attend a real Church Liturgy. They will never smell the incense nor hear the bells, nor hear the sound of the Talanton calling them to worship. They will never hear the beautiful haunting nuances in Byzantine Chant. They will never taste the Artoclasia after a Vigil, They will never be part of a procession at Pascha nor see the lights of the candles fill the church, and yet, they will be part of the Body of Christ. A living cell that the Body cant do without, yearning for the life and light that flows from other cells in the body. You can help to bring life and encouragement to these precious souls




About St Seraphims Fellowship


We have a ministry to Inmates on the Death Row. We visit more than 400 men on the row. We send them teaching lessons on the passions and true repentance. We are also seeking volunteers to write to the prisoners. Many of the men are in the catecumenate and some are baptised.  We need donations of money for books, bibles [leather only], Orthodox Magazine Subscriptions, prayer ropes, Icon Cards, etc.

Do you have family or friends in prison?

If you or someone you know have family or friends in prison anywhere and you would like this ministry to write to them, then please send us a private text message with all the appropriate information and we will contact the prisoner with words of faith and encouragement.  While we are an Orthodox Ministry, we welcome the opportunity to  communicate with people of all faiths.

If you would like to become the volunteer please fill in this form online (see below) or download  and fill in this application form st-seraphims-volunteer-application1.doc and send it to 

In Christ

St. Seraphim's Fellowship

An Orthodox Christian Prison Ministry

P.O. Box 351656

Jacksonville, Florida 32235-1656

Volunteer Application

Contact Information

Agreement and Signature

By submitting this application, I affirm that the facts set forth in it are true and complete. I understand that if I am accepted as a volunteer, that I will follow the guidelines set down by St. Seraphim's Fellowship and that I will comply with the Department of Corrections Rules of Letter Writing and will send absolutely no contraband to the prisoners. I promise that I will make no contacts on behalf of the prisoner with any person or persons including; attorneys, family members, friends, or any other person, and acknowledge that any such contact by me may result in my immediate dismissal.

Our Policy

It is the policy of this organization that drafts of all letters sent to the prisoners will first be emailed to St. Seraphim�s in order that any doctrinal or teaching content will be in harmony with the teaching material sent to the inmates from St. Seraphim�s.  This is important as many of the men are in the catecumenate and are preparing for baptism and chrismation.


Thank you for completing this application form and for your interest in volunteering with us.

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