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Welcome! This site has been created primarily for the Volunteers of St. Seraphim's Fellowship who write letters to the prisoners on the Death Row or serving Life in Prison. This is the place where we can put our heads together, share ideas and prayer requests. Where we can encourage the other volunteers with stories about the communications we have with the men. It is also a place where we can get direction and guidance, either from the other volunteers or from the ministry.

Almost everything you need is here. You can review the official prison guidelines for letter writing or you can see a list of the books recommended for the prisoners. You can see the teaching letters that are sent out to the men and become familiar with what they are studying.

You can also see pictures of the prisoners and learn details of their progress towards Orthodoxy, upcoming events (Baptisms & Crismations, etc) you can also learn of their prayer requests for themselves and their families. Please come here often with your comments and experiences.


About St. Seraphim's Fellowship

We have a ministry to Inmates on the Death Row. We visit more than 400 men on the row. We send them teaching lessons on the passions and true repentance. We are also seeking volunteers to write to the prisoners. Many of the men are in the catecumenate and some are baptised.  We need donations of money for books, bibles [leather only], Orthodox Magazine Subscriptions, prayer ropes, Icon Cards, etc.

If you would like to become a new volunteer please have a look at the New Volunteers Info. All questions concerning the membership and inmates please refer to the St.Seraphim's fellowship's founder Seraphim.

If you need any technical support, help in site navigation or any other possible technical questions please feel free to use Technical Support page, we are always at your service! Any suggestions or feedback are welcome!

Please join our mailing list (down on this page), we will keep you well informed!

Do you have family or friends in prison?

If you or someone you know have family or friends in prison anywhere and you would like this ministry to write to them, then please send us a private text message with all the appropriate information and we will contact the prisoner with words of faith and encouragement.  While we are an Orthodox Ministry, we welcome the opportunity to  communicate with people of all faiths.

Please feel free to contact St. Seraphim's Fellowship!

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